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Friday 06 March 2015

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“There has to be some way to bring everybody together,” Boucher said. “The petition acknowledges the need to leave no one behind. It’s time to put some flesh on those bones by saying anyone in the transition must be provided a service at least as well as they have today.”

Avid Twitter user Mandy Key of Deltona said she often contacts social-media customer-service accounts when she has a question or complaint. She reached out to Bright House Networks on Twitter last year because her DVR was not saving shows. She rates the experience “an 8 out of 10.”

“They are not making any moves out of generosity or trying to improve technology for the world,” said Dave Weis, owner of Internet Solver, a telephone, Internet and managed IT provider. “They are trying to sidestep rules and laws that govern what portion of their network they are required to lease to competitive carriers like us.”

“Sunday’s storm flooded our Twitter account with frustrated people without power. We spent hours helping those customers,” Hodges said of the account that has about 1,200 followers. “It was a good test for us because we realized folks just wanted to know their questions were acknowledged.”

The same study showed that 52.5 percent of households have both wireless and landline service, although it did not specify whether those lines were traditional or Internet-based lines. As those numbers shift, industry officials say it’s only natural that the regulations shift as well.

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