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Wednesday 04 March 2015

atandt wireless

atandt wireless

Verizon has the most robust 4G network, as it was the first American carrier to offer LTE in December 2010. AT&T and Sprint have both since introduced LTE for their customers, and T-Mobile plans to launch its own service next year.

Many smartphone users worry that the high upfront cost of buying a top-of-the-line phone without a contract will negate any savings from going with a lower-priced carrier, but that might not be the case.

Next week, the FCC will begin considering steps to ensure
that other types of Internet-based message services offered by
companies such as Facebook Inc. (FB) make text-to-911 available to
consumers, the agency said.

AT&T is already using video billing for its U-verse customers, and in a statement said the feedback has been positive. According to the company, more than 85 percent of customers said they found the video bill helpful. AT&T also said billing-related calls have dropped because the videos provide more explanation than print bills usually do.

While higher smartphone sales encourage more customer
spending on data over the life of a wireless contract, they hurt
profits at first because they’re often sold at a heavy discount.
Susan Johnson, AT&T’s head of investor relations, declined in an
interview today to provide a forecast for profit margins.

Under the agreement, AT&T Inc. (T), Verizon Wireless, Sprint
Nextel Corp. (S) and T-Mobile USA Inc. will do “major deployments”
of so-called text-to-911 in the U.S. next year, FCC Chairman
Julius Genachowski said in a news release.

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