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Thursday 05 March 2015

cell phone customer service

cell phone customer service

Participants in the two study arms were well
matched. Three-quarters were African American, 70% were men and their mean age
was 45 years. Over a third had not completed high school and 79% were
unemployed. There was a high prevalence of depression (67%) and the participants
reported poor mental and physical functioning. Approximately 31% of
participants were classified as having potentially harmful levels of alcohol
consumption and 40% reported illicit drug use. The participants reporting smoking
an average of 19 cigarettes each day.

The treatment effect was strongest at the
three-month follow-up point, when people in the intervention arm were four times
more likely not to have smoked in the previous seven days compared to those in
the control arm (OR = 4.3; p < 0.001).

Smoking cessation support delivered via
mobile phones increases chances that people living with HIV who smoke will quit, according to research
published in the online edition of Clinical
Infectious Diseases. Overall, people receiving mobile phone-based support
were over two times more likely to stop smoking than people receiving the
standard of care.

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“The use of proactive cell phoned-based
intervention that combined supportive counselling, motivational intervention
and materials/topics targeted to PLWHA [people living with HIV] was successful
compared to a usual care intervention that included physician advice to quit
and tip sheets”, write the authors. However, absolute quit rates were low and
the impact of the phone-based service diminished over time.

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